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BUS 322 S24
Data Analytics
Test 1 Material 

Quiz 1 on 9/18/23

 Test 1 on 10/2/23

Quiz 1 on 9/20/23

 Test 1 on 10/4/23

Quiz 1 on 9/21/23

 Test 1 on 10/5/23

Slightly Updated on 9/18/23

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Class Notes
Please Review: Class Session 9/6/23
T1 Sample Problems
Please Review: Class Session 9/11-14/23
Test 1 Pretest
Test 1 Sample
Test 1
Adjustment: Problem 2, part c should read P less of equal to 5

Note: Please bring your entire solutions to class. One sheet of paper (both sides) with your notes allowed. No computer access, except to enter your answers, is allowed. The test will also ask for values of selected intermediate steps leading to final solutions.

Please Review: Class Session 9/18-20/23
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