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BUS 322 S22
Data Analytics
Test 1 Material 

Quiz 1 Answers Sheet will be opened on Sunday (2/13/22) around 9am. Your answers will be due by midnight of the same day.
Click below to access the Quiz 1 Answer Sheet. You can only enter your answers one time.

As of 2/14/22 this quiz is closed.

The Most Current Class Notes/Definitions are dated 1/24/22.

T1 Learning Modules
Test 1 Study Guide
T1 Sample Problems
Test 1 Pretest
Test 1 Sample
Please use the V2 version of this test, as posted here.
You have 30 minutes to enter your answers. There is no partial credit. This answer sheet will close at midnight on Sunday 3/6/22..
Zoom Recordings
Test 1 Answers
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